No Money, Plenty Of Whup Ass. Second Trailer For Indie Fight Flick UNLUCKY STARS

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Crowd funded indie fight flick Unlucky Stars first crossed our radar here at Twitch back in March of this year when they released their first teaser to drive an Indiegogo campaign. Well, that campaign has wrapped up, the creators aim to complete the film by the end of the year, and to celebrate they're punching each other in the face and capturing it on camera.

When Peru's Biggest Action Film Star and Jordan's newest rising talent find themselves pursued by a notorious Bookie, a couple of private investigators are forced to choose between their job and their conscience.

With martial arts and comedy inspired by the golden era of 80s Hong Kong Action Cinema, "Unlucky Stars" is an exciting action packed ride that pays homage to the greats who paved the way.
Dennis Ruel, Ken Quitugua, Sari Sabella, Jose Montesinos, Roy Chen, Edward Kahana, Giovannie Espiritu, Steven Yu, Vladislav Rimburg, Sam Hargrave, Emmanuel Manzanares, and Shawn Bernal star. Check the second trailer below.

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