MOBIUS Teases Jean Dujardin Thrills With a Heavy Hand

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[Updated with new trailer embed.] As someone explains the concept of a Möbius strip, the heavy-handed music begins pounding. Then Jean Dujardin is revealed, looking worn and haggard (i.e. the exact opposite of what audiences might expect next from the star of The Artist).

Welcome to the teaser for Möbius, written and directed by Eric Rochant, a thriller due out in February 2013 -- and not to be confused with Lynn Ramsay's Mobius, a science-fiction version of Moby Dick currently in development. This particular Möbius concerns an officer of the FSB (an acronym for the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) who falls in love with a woman who works at a Russian bank.

High finance and money laundering seem to be topics of the moment, and with the added pleasures of Tim Roth and Cécile De France, this could be one to keep an eye on next year. Check out the teaser below.

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