Justin Lin Warms Up To Sci-Fi With HIBERNATION

, U.S. Editor
My one experience with Justin Lin's directorial work was the season 1 episode of Community titled 'Modern Warfare' (Yes, the paintball episode) (and yes, a classic for the show). So while I can't really speak to the man's filmography, it's evident that his uber success revitalizing the Fast And Furious Franchise with Fast Five has got the industry singing to the tune of Lin in perfect pitch. Once the fella's done with Fast Six, it's on into the final frontier with the sci-fi thriller Hibernation, which is being scripted by fresh scribes Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Will Frank, and produced by Lin's own Perfect Storm Entertainment and Film 360.

No details yet on story, but Lin's producing partner at Perfect Storm, Troy Craig Poon described the project to the The Hollywood Reporter as, "a dynamic futuristic thriller." Visions of the hibernation chambers from Alien are dancing through my head. Can we be so hopeful?      
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