Japanese Teaser For THE HOBBIT Wants You To Share In An Adventure

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Ah, Japan. You know how to cut a trailer over there.

Despite - or perhaps because of - a love for JRR Tolkein going back to my childhood and a corresponding love for Peter Jackson's adaptations of The Lord Of The Rings, this whole Hobbit thing has left me feeling very nervous. The poor reception to the 48fps projection was one factor, the expansion of a relatively slender book to a whopping three movies a significant second factor, and the marketing campaign thus far has just felt ... off.

But then there's the Japanese, who always seem to know how to cut a good trailer. And this latest minute long effort for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is no exception. Very nice. Check it below.
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  • hutch

    Todd Brown, you'll be a'ight.

  • Heath Khan

    Finally something to get excited about

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