It's Not Easy Being A Man In Cesc Gay's A GUN IN EACH HAND

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Boasting an all star cast of Spanish speaking talent - Ricardo Darin, Javier Camara, Eduardo Noriega, Candela Pena, Jordi Molla, Luis Tosar - and a biting sense of humor, Cesc Gay's A Gun In Each Hand (Una Pistola En Cado Mano) proved a hit at the Rome International Film Festival by taking what is most often a female approach to relationship comedies - a group of friends having relationship troubles - and spinning the gender on its head.

Therapy is turning bipolar J into the perfect psychoanalytical subject. E is back living with his mother after choosing his cat over his girlfriend. Adulterer S makes an awkward attempt to win back his ex-wife Elena. Various meds may not be helping G understand why his wife is having an affair, while L needs to clear up the confusion over the names of his wife and his dog. Married man P will be humbled after shamefully putting the moves on colleague Mamen at an office party. And Maria and Sara teach their tight-lipped husbands an ironic lesson about openly discussing feelings.

8 men and their messy lives of divorce, therapy, adultery, seduction, meds, erectile dysfunction. Love them or hate them, the familiar behavior of these 8 men in their forties creates an amusing emotional mosaic: the mystery of the masculine identity.

An amusing but merciless portrait of modern man from the director of IN THE CITY and KRAMPACK (NICO & DANI).

With a cast like this you really can't go too far wrong and the first trailer is looking solid, indeed. Check it out - English subtitles included - below.
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