Horrible Title, Funny Trailer. FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS' Bret McKenzie Stars In TWO LITTLE BOYS.

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Here's a key problem with Robert Sarkies' black comedy Two Little Boys: Based on title alone it comes across as something most likely to appeal to either the Disney set or pedophiles. Or both. It is not. Recently nominated for a whopping eleven New Zealand Film Awards, the film stars Bret McKenzie (Flight Of The Conchords) and Hamish Blake (Hamish And Andy) in an adaptation of a novel written by the director's brother, Duncan. And given the presence of McKenzie and Blake it comes as no surprise that things are both funnier and darker than the title implies.

Set in Invercargill, New Zealand in the early 1990's, the film follows Nige and his best mate Deano's riotous misadventures as they struggle with their imploding long-term friendship which has been under pressure by an unfortunate accident involving a hot meat pie, a ginger cat, and the untimely death of a Scandinavian soccer star. Nige chucks the dead body in a nearby road works hole and runs to Deano for help. Trouble is, Deano's not really the guy you should turn to in a crisis....
Already released in Australia and New Zealand, check out the trailer for this one below.

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