From the Archives: Sarandon and Portman on STAR WARS, ROCKY HORROR and Lunchboxes

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With all this talk of new Star Wars episodes and the like, it reminded me of those heady days surrounding the release of the first of the prequels, and I decided to dig up something from the past.

At a 1999-era Toronto International Film Festival press conference for Wayne Wang's (forgettable) Anywhere But Here, which starred Natalie Portman and Susan Sarandon, I slightly hijacked the proceedings for a few minutes, and had a nice back and forth with the leading two actors. I asked specifically about their interactions with rabid fans, and whether the star of the Rocky Horror Picture Show had any advice for the young star of the second Star Wars trilogy.

A young, adorable Portman seemed slightly shy but quick with a laugh, while the ever regal Sarandon controlled the event like the long-time pro that she is.

Who knows what new stars (or already emerged talents) will be attached to these upcoming films - whomever they are, be they the next Jake Lloyd or Harrison Ford, it's a casting decision that's likely to partially shape their public persona for the rest of their careers.

Enjoy this unseen-for-over-a-decade slice from the past.
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