Deliriously Over The Top Second Trailer For Russia's NIGHTINGALE THE ROBBER

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'Moderation' is clearly a word that Russian director Yegor Baranov is unfamiliar with. No, Baranov is all about the excess - the gloriously over the top, positively baroque deployment of guns, hammers, explosions and possibly even a breast or two. Baranov, you see, is a boy and he likes boy things. Lots and lots of boy things. So do I.

When the first trailer for Baranov's Nightingale The Robber crossed our desks back in October there was already plenty in there to raise the pulse and arch an eyebrow. But now a second effort has arrived, the guiding principal behind which appears to be 'more'. More guns. More wildly over the top characters. More explosions. More sledge hammer. This looks like just a wildly good time at the movies. Check out the trailer below.
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