All Singing! All Dancing! All Undead! Watch The BAFTA Winning ZOMBIE MUSICAL Now!

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Back in 2009 writer-director Ryan McHenry unleashed the undead in Scotland. But these zombies were different. Sure, they ate brains. Sure, they slowly decomposed. But they also had a bit of spring in their step, or at least their potential victims did as McHenry's entry into the zombie canon was a full-on singing and dancing musical.

The short film - titled simply Zombie Musical - won it creators a BAFTA while also landing them a feature film deal and with that feature now getting closer to the end of the development process the full short has been released online. So put on your dancing shoes and check it below!
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "So put on your dancing shoes and check it below!"

    Well....I´m not going to be happy until someone makes a zombie musical remake of
    Xanadu (1980).

    Hopefully directed by Andy Fickman.....would love to see Kristen Bell in a pair of rollerskates.
    Thanks for the short Mr Brown, brings a spring to your step!

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