Aliens as Terrifying as Ghosts in DARK SKIES Trailer

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Producer Jason Blum has made a name for himself over the last several years by cranking out movies about malicious spirits like Paranormal Activity, Sinister and Insidious. In Dark Skies, he seems to be branching out a bit with... evil aliens! Which apparently act a lot like evil ghosts. That's right, Keri Russell and her family are dealing with objects getting ominously stacked in the kitchen, birds flying into windows and child possession. Fortunately, alien abduction expert J.K. Simmons is coming to the rescue!  

The movie was written and directed by Scott Stewart, whose previous films Legion and Priest involved Paul Bettany fighting armies sent by God. So it seems like he's branching out a bit as well. Have a look at the suspenseful trailer below.
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  • Better not be another Fourth Kind. Ugh.

  • Mr. Cavin

    Oh my, there's light coming through the cracks in the doorway.

  • El Chilar

    The delivery on that "Leave my son alooooone.." line near the end made me laugh. I think I'll just watch Fire in the Sky again.

  • Brian Clark

    What's wrong with laughter???

  • mightyjoeyoung

    "Fortunately, alien abduction expert J.K. Simmons is coming to the rescue!"

    I dunno...Mr Clark....I think he needs Mountain Girl with him.

    Watching this trailer I actually thought this was a remake of Signs (2002), thanks Mr Clark.

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