A True Icon, Sugawara Bunta Calls It A Career

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Fifty six years and a whopping one hundred fifty nine roles since he made his debut, the iconic Sugawara Bunta has announced his retirement.

Sugawara first appeared on screen in 1956 and will be best remembered by many fans for his role in Fukasaku Kinji's iconic yakuza series Battles Without Honor And Humanity, though in more recent years he also did a good deal of voice work in high profile animated features such as Miyazaki Hayao's Spirited Away and Hosoda Mamoru's The Wolf Children Ame And Yuki.

What roles will you remember this icon the most for?
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  • Bunta_Sugawara

    Can't go wrong with any yakuza film. He is awesome in Gendai Yakuza, 3 Outlaw Brothers.

  • cuttermaran

    How could I forget, one of the best performances by Sugawara is sure in "The Machine Gun Dragon"

  • cuttermaran

    Since you posted that picture, I would go for Truck Rascals 1&2.

  • cuttermaran

    That's not him on the poster.

  • Oh, damn, you're right. That's Otomo Ryutaro. No excuse for that ... swapping it out now for, you know, the right guy.

  • While I do love him in Battles Without Honor and Humanity, I just adore him as Okita in Street Mobster. It's one of my favorite Fukusaku films and I think one of the best performances that Sugawara has done in his entire career.

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