Witness The Grisly Consequences Of Encountering A Troll In New VEIL OF TWILIGHT Image

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
For a time it appeared as though Paul Lundo's Veil Of Twilight would go down as a tragic cautionary tale for young filmmakers, a warning that when things go wrong they can go very wrong indeed. The film was nearing the end of production back in November of 2011 when disaster struck and a three man camera crew, which included one of the film's producers, was swept out to sea. Only one made it back.

It's the sort of event that could either crush you or strengthen resolve and for Lundo it was the latter. After a break to allow some emotional healing the crew returned to work and are now wrapping up on what promises to be a unique genre mashup. How unique? Well, it's a period set serial killer thriller that also involves trolls. Yep, big, rock eating trolls.

In medieval Europe, fallen under the shadow of the Black Death, a young lawyer called Vilhelm is returning to Norway to outlive the plague at his brother's remote farm. When he arrives he learns that his brother has been accused for a series of mystic murders and dealing with trolls. Vilhelm doesn't believe in trolls or the accusations and decides to investigate the murders to save his brother. Torn between reason, fear and faith, Vilhelm journeys into the Norwegian mountains to find the truth.
We published a gallery of stills from the film a while back but now Lundo has passed along the new image you see up above. The result of a human encounter or a troll? I'm leaning towards the latter. Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting), Kim Bodnia (Pusher) and Jorgen Langhelle (The Thing) star.
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