Witness The Coming Of The Agoraphobic Apocalypse In First Trailer For THE LAST DAYS

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After making a somewhat lackluster feature film debut with 2009's Carriers, hopes are much higher for acclaimed brother act Alex and David Pastor with their second effort, The Last Days, if for no other reason than because they've gotten away from the US system - which is not exactly known to be friendly to international talents - and returned to their native Spain, where they previously directed a string of award winning shorts.

The duo have, true to the title, crafted a tale of the end of the world. But what brings things to the brink is not war or disease but rather the sudden onset of mass agoraphobia.

2013. A mysterious form of agoraphobia spreads across the planet, leaving the entire popular trapped inside of buildings. In an apocalyptic Barcelona, Marc will go on a dangerous journey to find his girlfriend Julia.
The first trailer for The Last Days has just arrived online, check it below.
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  • kr

    "somewhat lackluster"? I enjoyed the hell out of that film. I thought it was great film debut personally...really underrated and well done.

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