Were Those T-Rexes Doing It? Werner Herzog Narrates DINOTASIA!

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Before it's due out on DVD/Blu-ray on November 6, Dinotasia will have a one-week theatrical run at the IFC Center in New York from October 26 to November 1. The film is co-directed by long-time Herzog collaborator/producer Erik Nelson and Disney character designer David Krentz (John Carter and Dinosaur).

A love letter to fans of graphic novel-style film vignettes and classic film animation, DINOTASIA gives one of our favorite natural history subjects a makeover like never before, told in a purely visual style not seen since the classic era of silent filmmaking or the pioneering early work of Walt Disney Studios. Based on current research findings from recent paleontology studies, DINOTOSIA uses groundbreaking CGI to bring to magnificent, terrifying life many creatures that have been discovered in the past 10 years.  Cinema legend Werner Herzog narrates in his inimitable style, reuniting with the team behind Grizzly Man and Cave of Forgotten Dreams to serve as a tour guide to DINOTASIA's strange world.

Any other time I would have given a film like this a miss but there is no denying the sheer entertainment value of dinosaur on dinosaur violence and the vocal styling of Herzog. Stories in the film include a family of dinosaurs under siege from a rogue T-Rex, a post-apocalyptic look at the aftermath of an asteroid wiping most of the earth and an adventure of a dinosaur when they ingest the Jurassic equivalent of a magic mushroom.

All of this is apparently based on scientific fact. And what is going on there at 1:25? That looks like some dinosaur science I can get behind.

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  • Guro Taku

    This looks a lot like a low budget version of what Paul Verhoeven at one time had planned for DINOSAUR, before he left the project and Disney turned it into an execrable kiddie flick.

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