Upendra's KALPANA Trailer Kicks The Holy-Shit-O-Meter Up A Notch

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Last summer I posted the insane trailer for Tamil horror film Kanchana, which was written, directed by, and starred Lawrence Raghava. I thought that was about as crazy as it could get. I was wrong. I should know better than to expect anything less than the unexpected from south Asian horror. What has changed my mind? Well, oddly enough it is the Kannada remake of Kanchana, now titled Kalpana and starring the master of bonkers Sandalwood cinema, Upendra.

This is why I love Indian cinema. This is an industry where both high-quality, artfully made films like Agneepath and bonkers high-concept films like Eega can share massive box office success. Kanchana was a huge hit at the Tamil box office, and was so popular, in fact, that the remake rights have been purchased not only in the Kannada film industry, but also in Bollywood, where such huge name actors as Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have been reported to be circling the project. This ghosts and goblins/eunuchs and possessions craziness would be insane to see with a Bollywood budget, but there's a charm about Upendra's performance in this trailer that will be hard to replicate. 

Check out this synopsis (courtesy of Wikipedia, so facts are debatable) and the absurd trailer below!

Raghava (Upendra) is a fun-loving youngster who enjoys playing cricket with his friends. But at night he is afraid of ghosts and is always confined to his home under the care of his mother (Umashri). His brother (Achyuth Rao), sister-in-law (Shruti) and their children live together in the same house. When Raghava and his friends go in search of another ground to play cricket, they find an abandoned field, which, it turns out, is haunted. At home, his mother and sister-in-law witness some strange happenings. With the help of a temple priest, they confirm the presence of a ghostly spirit haunting their home. Raghava begins to act funny and shows effeminate behaviour which is when the presence of the ghost is identified. The film goes on to unravel the mystery of the ghostly Kalpana (Sai Kumar) and her relationship with Raghava.
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