TRIAD Trailer Delivers Old School Hong Kong Gangster Thrills

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Emperor Motion Pictures has just released a trailer for its forthcoming gangster drama, Triad, and it looks like a real blast from the past. Clearly set in the present day, Triad nevertheless exudes an old school 90s vibe with its trio of young wannabes engaging in all number of bloody turf wars on the streets of Mong Kok when not chasing girls, getting gang tattoos or declaring their undying loyalty to each other. 

The film's Category III rating clearly isn't simply for graphic triad activity either, as was the case for Johnnie To's Election, as Daniel Chan's film looks incredibly violent and brimming with chopper action. William Chan, Patrick Tam and Eric Tsang's son Derek head up the cast, which also includes Michelle Wai and Irene Wan. No word on a theatrical release date just yet, but as the trailer below promises, Triad takes charge in 2012!
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  • Snail

    Patrick Tam in a triad role? Hell yeah. Too bad about the quality of the production though. Hopefully the rest of the leads will provide as much substance as Tam usually does in his performances.

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