Thoroughly Charming Trailer For ERNEST AND CELESTINE

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Much of the attention paid to upcoming animated feature Ernest And Celestine thus far has gone to the fact that two thirds of the directing team behind this film were also responsible for the cult hit A Town Called Panic (Panique Au Village). And, yes, it's a bit of a surprising transition to go from that bit of madness to a gentle adaptation of a beloved children's book.

Well, after a run on the festival circuit the full trailer for Ernest And Celestine has arrived, giving us the ability to talk about something else. Namely that the story of an unlikely friendship between a mouse and a bear looks to be an absolute charmer. The artwork is simply gorgeous and - as much as I may love Pixar - it makes me incredibly happy to see there are still animators in the world embracing something other than US style CGI. Take a look below.
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