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I keep waiting for the visual style of Peter Jackson's adaptations of The Hobbit to stop feeling off and yet it hasn't. It's the coloring and depth of field, I think, and I'm becoming concerned that Jackson's visual choices are going to keep audiences at arm's length rather than drawing them in to the experience. Also, basing a poster campaign around a fat guy joke does not inspire confidence.

That said, it's The Hobbit from the director of The Lord Of The Rings and that means everybody is going to see it, myself included, at least for the first one. And for a further taste of what that means the first TV spot for the first of the trilogy has just arrived. You can find it below.
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  • hutch

    I think PJ's style is the same as it always has been. The roving coaster cam. Watching all his films, particularly 'Heavenly Creatures', LOTR, and 'the Frightener' always gave me the feeling that he's been waiting all along to shoot in 3-D. honestly think he shot his 2-D films to mimic this.

    In any case you do have a slight point about keeping the audience farther out. It's like we're always peeking around a corner or crevice.

    'The Hobbit' is way more humorous than LOTR, so the fat dwarf joke seems appropriate.

    Only two months until our questions are answered. But now that it's 3 parts I'm not sure there will be much in part 1. Ah well.

  • The camera stuff is definitely consistent with his earlier work, yeah, totally agree there. But there's something else I'm having the hardest time putting my finger on ... I've seen a lot of people comment about how the 48fps thing made things look really unreal when projected that way, so maybe it's some of that coming through. Something's just .... weird.

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