THE DESCENDANTS Star Shailene Woodley In Talks For SPIDER-MAN 2

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Is this the face of the new Mary Jane?

Variety reports that The Descendants star Shailene Woodley is in talks to take on the role of Peter Parker's love interest Mary Jane in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Whether this means a rivalry with Emma Stone's Gwen Stacey or whether Parker will hold to his promise to Gwen's father is yet to be seen.

For those who keep track of such things there is an eight year age gap between Andrew Garfield and Woodley in real life, which can be masked easily enough as long as Garfield maintains his baby face but before too long Sony is going to end up in the same situation they hit with Tobey Macguire: Their leading man being obviously much older than the character he is playing.
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  • Sublogic

    Why did they cast Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and not MJ? Emma Stone would have been perfect, don't know if she's a natural redhead, but she comes off as one

  • love Shailene Woodley ..

  • ashli

    to each his own...some find Kirsten pretty, stop insisting to (these people) she isn't. If they find her pretty they see something in her that you don't. I think Kirsten is pretty in an unconventional way and she is definitely a good actress. This girl looks more MJ to me but that doesn't mean Kirsten was a horrible pick for the role.

  • I loved Kirsten as Mary Jane she looked her best in part 1 but from the other 2 parts she got to small :/

  • FriendlyNeighborhoodSpideyFan

    An olsen twin? Brittany Snow? Hayden Panettiere? Megan Fox? Mila Kunis? Lucy Hale? Susan Coffey? ELIZABETH GILLIES? All actresses who could've played a girl in high school and hotter than Shailene Woodly. Idk, I still see the petite meh looking girl from the secret life. Her face isnt Mary Jane hot. Her face saying "Looks like you hit the jackpot, Tiger" doesnt seem like her natural personality, it looks like a shy or innocent girl trying a little too hard to be badass or sexy. That line mary jane would say seems something naturally said by the actresses I have listed, except maybe Lucy Hale I guess. But the body, oh the body. Mary Jane is a guys dream girlfriend! Elizabeth Gillies has a smoking hot body and green eyes! She looks like a girl you could get in trouble with. Shailene Woodly? Nope. Can't say I have ever fantasized about her. According to other guys I've asked, neither have they and most girls I've asked think shes pretty looking or cute at best but not smoking redhead hot. Emma Stone wouldve also been great but shes already a great Gwen Stacy.

  • Orpheus75

    A MUCH better pick for MJ. I wasn't that crazy about Kirsten Dunst. She just didn't match the character appearance of MJ. Sorry, but that's my feelings about it.

  • Ice8664

    Who I said they should have picked from day one of the announcement of a new Spiderman movie reboot...

  • ryder4life22187

    could never stand this chick when my gf would watch the secret life of an american teenager such an annoying voice, and person.

  • Cyanide

    I have/ had no problem with Dunst. But she really isnt a Mary Jane compared to Woodley.

  • Don'tHateTheOrginal

    The Amazing Spider Man was a romance movie. (Period.) Hated it. The originals though seemed like super hero movies and I have no complaints about Kirsten Dunst. To whomever said Mary-Jane should be a "bombshell": be quiet! It would not seem realitic for the timid nerd Peter Parker to be with a "bombshell" but rather someone like Dunst was- unique and stunning in her own way. I don't think they should have redone the series. Plus; did they have to reveal that he was gonna spread the lizard stuuf with that machine, that made the movie COMPLETELY predictable.

  • David G

    Finally a hot Mary Jane. And yes..I always had a prob with Dunst. Always. Pretty sure im not the only one who felt this way. Very sure. Id put money on that.

  • let's see, let's see.
    we have nothing but to wait for the movie

  • I think more people might know her as the girl from The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

  • Tripper

    If you haven't seen The Desendents, I can say Shailene did a very good good in it and would be an asset to any movie......Oh....yeah....she's really pretty too!

  • agan

    success always for you ..

  • Tyler

    Shailene is a horrible actress, she is Kristen Stewart bad, she is so incredibly wooden and always sounds so nasally congested, sigh hopefully they find someone better.

  • BrianRommel

    Her golden globe nomination disagrees with you. And many people argue that she was one of the biggest snubs at the 2012 Oscars. Kristen Stewart bad? You just lost all credibility there. Woodley showed more emotion in The Dependents than Stewart has in her entire career especially in that one pool scene alone. Many agree she stole the movie from George Clooney.

  • Glaciusx

    I would rather see Jane Levy as MJ.

  • khaleesi

    Are Woodley and Garfield related? Cause they look like twins. Their faces are identical.

  • dude


  • agrees with dude

    yeah she needs that whole "you just hit the jackpot" look. the chick above is cute, but def not supermodel.

  • Wuut

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead, that is all

  • renamoretti1

    A sequel of a remake of a recent comic-book adaptation... Two words: Yawn and Yuck.

  • JIM





  • fl6stringer

    It's a little late to be toiling over the accuracy of Mary Jane's looks, no? Ummm, I think Kirsten Dunst is uniquely pretty. I've never viewed her as unattractive.

  • Ajakscene

    No she not MJ material she would pass as a best friend type of girl but not the hot supermodel Mary Jane even if she was in high school. MJ suppose to give Gwen competition over Peter Parker. Woodley doesn't look like she can top Emma Stone.

  • Pierro

    Am I thinking about the same Kirsten Dunst that is being spoken of here? The one I have in mind is beautiful - to 'Maybe Spidey' who only gives her a 6/10 and describes her as a McD model - best you get some piccies of your lady up so we can be stunned into silence.

  • ear one

    the first two spidey flicks are awesome adaptations. the casting's fresh (despite the lack of similarities between the actors and the roles in the comics), the stories're great, the pacing's great and the actions are just...amazing (well, between 2 and 1, you can tell how the budget got up...waaaayyy up to maximize the action scenes). and honestly, i really think making the spider web ORGANIC just makes more sense than having it built into a machine by this genius whiz-kid parker...puleezze...

    but, now..with the reboot...i like how they actually follow the comics closer (both the classic and the ultimate versions) by having Gwen, instead of MJ, as Peter's girlfriend, who's GOING to some future sequel. the casting's okay. Emma's perfect..garfield...he's okay, but the jury's still out on him. can't wait to see who're gonna be their jj jameson and norman orborne...cuz, jk simmons is SPOT ON as triple J and willem dafoe is just the right menacing way.

    my BIGGEST complain bout TASM though is the action scenes are CRAP. even the batman fights in Batman Begins look and are staged better. especially, since this has the fight that's been waited for by the fans..spidey vs LIZARD. to screw it up is just...UNFORGIVABLE. and to be frank, the Lizard don't even look just looks like rhys ifans wearing a lizard rubber suit. i think sony went backwards in terms of doing their spidey flicks instead of going forward (not just in the story) but overall wise.

  • bryan

    i have to agree with the organic web working better. in TASM they say each capsule can hold "several hundred meters" so in just horizontal distance he may be able to travel a few city blocks before needing to stop and reload. not a very efficient mode of transportation.

  • Steph

    AHHH! :D Love Shailene! She would be SO perfect for this role! If she ends up getting cast as Mary Jane, I'll have to actually watch the first one. I figured it would suck once Disney took over, but I'd watch it for Shailene.

  • Ugochukwu Ibe

    too bad disney didnt make the last spiderman movie...

  • trlkly

    Aw, I was hoping they fixed her. But they can't be casting her unless they're going for the girl-next-door look, and that's not MJ. Sure, I understand they combined MJ and Gwen Stacy in the last series, but they don't have to do that this time. Give us the saucy red headed bombshell that helped several guys hit puberty when she was first revealed.

    (No chance for the tease where we just see the back of her hair, like happened in the comics, either. You don't cast a named actress for that.)

  • spidertical1

    Please. Another MJ reject. Have these producers even seen MJ in the comic books? She's 5'6' with green eyes and an incredible body. Looks like they have fucked up in both trilogies in casting these Sarah plain and tall's. With this reboot so far they've cast an Emo Spidey, an OK Gwen Stacey and a crackhead looking MJ. Great.

  • trickshot726

    ok this is a picture of the actress without makeup. meaning she'll actually look like MJ in the movie. she doesnt need to look like her every day of her goddamn life. Just like Chris Hemsworth actually has short hair and doesnt look like thor all the time. Spiderman 3 had emo spidey, i dont really see how Andrew was emo, unless you mean making actual jokes is emo.

  • Bent

    I was immediately disappointed with Kirsten Dunst in the previous Spider-Man seris, just happy that they made the films though. Always theought wtf when thinking about Dunst

  • SMilinggirl

    I feel you bro. I´m a girl & I read the comics, mary jane was supposedly a "bombshell"

  • jay

    this article is terrible

  • Dunst is beautiful and a very good actress. Just because she doesn't fit into someone's cookie cutter she gets ridiculous things said of her. The girl above looks 12 to me...

    As far as the story goes. I think someone needs to keep Spidey going further. I think the Marvel characters have always suffered from being too unrealistic. We have seen Batman and Superman from childhood and into old age. They seem more real than what I know of the Marvel toons. Spidey needs to grow up and we need to find out what the story arc of an aging Spiderman would be.

  • jamds

    Superman, realistic? You have to be kidding me?
    I give you batman, but superman suffers so much from "idealising" and "perfectionism". I will not even go into movie. All of the superman movies were a joke, man of steel fighting a mere human...

  • utilitybelt

    Part of acting is looking the part. This girl looks like she could be graduating high school/finishing first year of college. Andrew Garfield will look way too old by he time the third movie is released.

  • RR

    Garfield's baby-face? . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! What baby-face? Deep laugh lines and the clear beginning of furrows on the forehead make a a baby-face? HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Sorry, but Garfield was obviously far older than the character he was portraying for word one.

  • Drme

    Mhm. I had to google her. She doesn't really look like she does in this pic.^^

    Personally, i don't like the her as MJ.
    She is nothing next to Emma Stone..that might be a problem if she is ought to "replace" her as garfields girlfriend.

    And, in my opinion, Kirsten Dunst was much prettier than her.

  • Roxettna

    Actually, I like the idea of using Shailene. she can act & she has the teenage look or mary jane. Kristen Dunst looked too old & a bit too unactractive to be mary jane.

  • Van Iblis

    Not sure if serious...she's ten times prettier than that snaggletooth Dunst.

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    Ok, if they sign her, they'll have made Mary-Jane look like Mary-Jane. Let's just say that Kirsten Dunst was seriously way off on any trademark the comic character had. She is far from being a beauty queen that makes heads turn. She a 6/10 at best.

    Woodley can actually pass for a young high school girl that willone day turn out to be a model.

    Dunst ... well, she was a McD's model at best...

  • utilitybelt

    Hot body weird face. I'd still hit it (Dunst).

  • Spidey_Fan

    I don't understand the sudden problems with Dunst.
    When the first 2 movies came out, there were no problems with her.
    Especially after the second one.
    Many people said S-M 2 was the greatest superhero-movie ever made, that time.
    There just were no complaints about Dunst.

    And today, in 2012?
    So much hate. I can't understand that at all.

  • Aaron

    There was always complaints about her. She was f*cking terrible.

  • ozmosis

    Iv always hated her as Mary Jane, There is no way that she is anywhere near hot enough. this new girl doesn't cut it either but she's at least 4 times hotter that Dunst. defiantly closer but still not right, so she will do. We will have to see what's she is like on set and on the screen.

  • utilitybelt

    I've never understood the greatest superhero movie of all time claim for sm2. It's definitely above average but best is too high a compliment IMHO. Of course it's all relative.

  • Kenny Lemon Taylor

    -Well, that wasn't quite the case, sir (or ma'm...). My wisdom teeth were coming in when I saw the 7:30pm show of Spider-man on opening day. Was in all kinds of pain, but had a big smile on my face the whole time I watched that movie. Saw it 6 times! -Mind you, I saw TASM 7 times, and love it off way more than its predecessors. My point is, I am also a Spidey-fan BIG-TIME. From the beginning, I always thought Mary Jane should've been someone more gorgeous than Kirsten Dunst, and everyone seemed to agree more openly than myself, because I didn't wanna hate on anything in that awesome movie, see? So yeah, lots of people from the beginning felt MJ should've been cast prettier, as vain as that sounds, but in the comics, her looks are kind of conspicuously highly-regarded, so a girl-next-door-look didn't quite sit well with many. It's not a new opinion by any means.

  • Matthew

    Spidey 2 was one of the greatest superhero movies ever made, and it is crazy rebooting in just five years, but I will say that Kirsten Dunst did not not match the image I had of Mary Jane in the comic books.

  • Dreskan

    The entire Tobey Maguire installment was crap. Granted the second movie was well done, but as a Spider-Man film it was horribly lacking in being true to the characters, as was the whole trilogy. This reboot (other than having to be adapted to the current millennia) has stayed very true to the characters, and the comics.

  • bob

    Your so off its retarded. The tobey films were better then this horrible trash. As for kirsten she is a 9 not a 6. Shes hot.

  • Steph

    Yeah, but Kirsten acted the HELL out of that role. I think they wanted to choose a good actress instead of a model with no acting ability. (Personally, I think she's pretty in a unique kind of way.)

    I'd love to see Shailene as Mary Jane!

  • Uncle Shaggy

    I agree with you 100 percent when it come to Kirsten. Personally I would have chosen Molly C Quinn from Castle as MJ:

  • Bottom Line

    i definitely wanna see the new girl's MJ but Kirsten Dunst did great and Spiderman 1 & 2 were lightyears ahead of this one if you wanna go quality. this one's trashy and shallow. yeah they give you web shooters finally and the new peter shows his smarts more but Tobey captured the essence of Spidey the moral tightrope he always had to walk. Does he stick it out and be a hero when nobody likes him and it just makes his life miserable? Does he quit and do his own thing? That spidey had the Uncle Ben scene THE ICONIC scene. the scene that defines Spiderman. This new kid is pretty much about legacy like so many crappy movies have been about lately. What his parents did. Picking up where they left off fighting Oscorp. That has nothing to do with Spidey. and trading webshooters for screwing up the spider bite scene screwed this franchise. the man got bit accidentally on the back of the hand. it was not a conspiracy to give him super powers by shutting him in a room with tons of roided spiders. lol

    I think the beef everybody has with the old franchise is that they made Spiderman 3. Spiderman 3 comes from a long list of crappy 3 movies like Xmen 3 or Batman & Robin and Superman Returns (ok that's a 4 or 5 or w/e movie but hey all happened about the same span of movietime)

  • I feel like I remember hearing complaints about Dunst, but they weren't very loud. Now they're loud.

    About SM2 being great. I remember on the second viewing I was like: wait...if Doc Ock has to talk to Peter...why did he just throw a car at him!?!?!?! Over-time, my good feelings about this film have eroded. I guess the same has happened with Dunst.

  • amazing spider man was terrible, the worst dialogue ever in a movie and was completely miscasted

  • Ajakscene

    LOL I like the part where Gwen hang up on Spidey and he said something I never thought Spiderman would say: "You Mother-....." Hilarious.

  • You obviously never saw Spider-Man 3

  • Huia

    Spider-Man 3's problems weren't the dialogues or the cast.

    It was just..too much.

    Anyway, both a far away from beeing "terrible" or "worst films ever".

  • I think Spider-Man 3 had problems with both dialogue and cast. I'm not going to go into detail because discussing the movie gives me heart burn and sends me into a blind rage. But, I do think Spider-Man 3 is terrible and the worst movie ever. Especially given the expectations set forth by its predecessor. What they did to Peter Parker in SM3 is downright shameful. And the character arc of Harry Osborne? Ah, I need to stop now, I can feel the bile rising.

  • Norman Dostal

    The first Amazing was truly terrible. Garfiled miscast (a hunky guy who supposed to be a nerdy science guy?), Emma Stone miscast (a genius scientist without even a "science" line like they gave Denise Richards in that Bond movie?) and Norma Rae as Aunt May? Martin Sheen's dentures were unnerving! Start again please!

  • PP

    In which universe is a lanky guy considered hunky???

  • Tim Rogers

    you seriously think that guy is "lanky"? that dude is pretty muscle-dense. they show him without his shirt. god, i am a straight dude and i look at dudes a lot more carefully than girls do, i guess!

    if you think that guy is "lanky", you ought to see me!

  • Steph

    Haha, so true!! :)

  • Jonathan Rizo


  • hungi

    great comeback
    everyone will keep quiet now

  • Jonathan Rizo replied...

  • Can a self-conscious science guy not be attractive looking? Peter Parker in the comics and in the cartoon wasn't some disgusting troll. Was there a situation where Emma NEEDED to say a science line? Do they have to justify that she's intelligent? Do you need to read a thesis paper by her?

  • Aesop

    And this is part of the reason I didn't like the first three. Toby was a little troll who completely turned me off from the movie; he would have been a better hobgoblin. Dunst was a little too dopey for me, some of her scenes were decent, and then others were like she mixed up her roles.

    I don't think Garfield nailed this last one but I did enjoy it more than the Toby ones. I hope he does a little more research into the role, maybe have a conversation with Stan Lee and some of the writers that have done spiderman in the past. I liked Emma as Gwen. The outfits they put her in though, were so cute that they were a little distracting... not in a bad way mind you, they just need to be careful there ;)

    Shailene is definitely attractive enough for the role, and I cannot comment on her acting chops, so good luck to her and may the next spidey be a great surprise.

  • Kenny Lemon Taylor

    She was indeed intelligent in the movie, besides. Both of them were. It was in every way better than its predecessors, having none of the campy, forced-read-lines feel as the previous 3- not that the previous 3 had no good lines.

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