Stay Away From Red Meat And Watch The New JOHN DIES AT THE END Trailer

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After a great deal of chatter and a lengthy festival run, Don Coscarelli's adaptation of David Wong's cult hit novel John Dies At The End hits iTunes December 27th prior to a January 25th theatrical release. And impending releases mean new trailers.

It's a drug that promises an out-of-body experience with each hit. On the street they call it Soy Sauce, and users drift across time and dimensions. But some who come back are no longer human. Suddenly a silent otherworldly invasion is underway, and mankind needs a hero. What it gets instead is John and David, a pair of college dropouts who can barely hold down jobs. Can these two stop the oncoming horror in time to save humanity? No. No, they can't.
There's a whole lot of everything in this latest trailer but while it may somewhat oversell the contents of the movie by jamming so many of the contents into such a limited running time they've generally done it without spoiling anything. Which is a tough task when dealing with a  film titled John Dies At The End. Check it out below, meat monster included.
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  • Sebo McPowers

    The book was pure awesomeness, reading the spider book right now.
    I'm still wondering how they will put all the content of the book in just one movie...

  • The short answer is that, sadly, they don't. Amy is barely in it, the Doctor is barely in it, Molly is barely in it, Korrock gets a single scene, no Las Vegas at all ... my review is linked above with details.

  • Sebo McPowers

    Waitwaitwait...I can do pretty much without Amy,I have no idea who the Doctor is(really, I can't remember any dotor appearing in the book at all) and as a cat person, I don't really care about Molly. But NO Las Vegas? That was the best part of the book! the chair one-liners were awesome.
    I hoped that they would just do book one and leave the seond as an option for a second movie. Seeing that they crammed both parts of "John dies at the End" in the movie, I knew they had to leave parts out. But Las Vegas?

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