SAIFF 2012: Marathi Noir PUNE 52 Gets A New Trailer Ahead Of Its US Premiere

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As the eleventh annual South Asian International Film Festival gets closer, we're starting to get more and more promo materials for some of the most highly anticipated Indian independents out there. One that we've been watching for a long time is Nilhil Mahajan's debut narrative film, Pune 52. The film is the latest in a long line of Marathi indies to have made a big impression on the Indian critical community.

This is one I'm going to be taking a close look at for SAIFF very soon. The film has its world premiere at the Mumbai Film Festival right before SAIFF, then makes its international debut in New York. I've had my eye on this film every since word about it appeared on Moi Fight Club back in April.

This theatrical trailer is slated to hit Indian cinema screens with AKFPL's release of Aiyyaa in selected theaters in India this week. The film already has theatrical distribution in India and is scheduled to open on December 12th (12/12/12), so that's great news for them.  While you're waiting for your chance to check it out, here's the synopsis from the official site and the new trailer:
In this engrossing thriller, Amar Apte is a private detective who gets his business from suspicious spouses out to catch their cheating partners in the act. When a femme fatale client enters his life, Apte snaps out of his uninspired domesticity-complete with a nagging wife and mounting bills-and finds himself in dangerous territory. Set in Pune and against the backdrop of the financial reforms in 1992, Pune 52 juxtaposes the impact of globalization on a city with one man's inner struggle. With a nod to Raymond Chandler and a hypnotic and ferocious performance by Girish Kulkarni, Mahajan's debut fiction feature explores the aspirations and frustrations of a small man dreaming big.
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  • Sourabh Gupta

    I like it. Much better than some of the movies that are put out by Hindi cinema and regional cinema. The trailer looks good and beautifully shot. I also think of Sonali Kulkarni as a great actress - too bad she got bad parts in many of the hindi movies.

  • mightyjoeyoung

    "One that we've been watching for a long time is Nilhil Mahajan's debut narrative film, Pune 52."
    I thought it was a biopic about private-detective Rajesh Ji, but this is something else, thanks Mr Hurtado.

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