Old Man. Big Gun. Watch Mike P Nelson's Stellar Revenge Short THE RETIREMENT OF JOE CORDUROY

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It would appear that Mike P Nelson was born in the wrong era. Because while many indie filmmakers these days are contenting themselves by aping all the worst qualities of genre pictures from the 70s and 80s and explaining away all the flaws with a shrug an "Well, it's supposed to look cheap," Nelson has gone and made himself a film that captures all the best parts of the 70s vibe and made it look effortless.

With films like Death Wish standing as clear inspiration Nelson has created a twenty six minute short film revolving around an aging antihero and his equally aging gun on a mission of revenge.

A quiet dentist finds a new purpose in retirement when his nephew is left comatose by a violent mugging. Joe takes to the streets to show the city's riffraff a new light; the muzzle flash of a Mauser pistol.
We've covered Nelson's The Retirement Of Joe Corduroy a couple times in the past, highlighting the film's stellar trailers, but the complete film is now online for your enjoyment and it is absolutely fantastic. Check it below.
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  • Michael Lang

    Very good.

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