NYC Happenings: The Apocalypse Comes To BAM (In 35mm!)

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During these past days in the hallowed palaces of culture on the Upper West Side the 50th New York Film Festival has barreled forward with many a sold-out screening, transmedia panel and glitzy gala gathering. Meanwhile in Brooklyn... workers and shoppers stream in and out of the Atlantic Terminal, oblivious to their neighbors at the Brooklyn Academy of Music who have seen the signs, heard the warnings and are taking precautions for the coming Apocalypse...

...And what better way to prepare then throw an Apocalypse themed film series? Running from October 4th - 7th, Apocalypse Soon hopes to save your life with 5 how-to-survive scenarios played out on film. "Post Apocalypse Road Tripping 101" is the first lesson, and your instructors are Jim McBride's own Glen And Randa. Bonus screening with G&R: from Chris Marker, a short lecture on the perils of time travel entitled La jetee. Now would you rather get a handy tip or two on how to kick zombie ass (like, totally) from the valley girls of Night Of The Comet? Well, class is in session. Concerned about our fine feathered friends turning into fierce feathered enemies? Alfred Hitchcock instructs one on how to properly take a seagull to the skull (while continuing to steer your motorboat with relative ease) in The Birds. Finally we have "Advanced Post-Apoc Road Tripping for the Insane Automotive Enthusiast" with professor Mad Max.

All lessons will be presented in 35mm. Seats are still available. Take a look below for full deets.           
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