New Hand Drawn Poster For THE LAST STAND

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A word for everyone out there who is at all a fan of poster art that is more than just a bunch of photoshopped heads. It's time to say a word of thanks to folks like Mondo, Tom Hodge and the rest who have been driving this current boom in hand drawn art - i.e. posters that actually are art rather than marketing knocked together as cheaply as possible - because they've clearly changed the way the studios are thinking.

Most recent case in point: The brand new artwork for the Kim Jee-woon directed, Arnold Schwarzenegger star vehicle The Last Stand. More of this, please, studio PR folk and a whole lot less Photoshop.
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  • Qinlong

    The conventional wisdom that any poster that is hand-drawn is cool, and any poster that is photoshopped is lazy, escapes me. But this is a cool poster indeed.

  • Because if I see one more poster that's three heads photoshopped against a blue background I'm going to scream.

  • Blake

    Because a lot of photoshop posters are lazy, and are basically just static images stitched together and airbrushed. Hand-drawn art generally requires more skill and involves greater artistry.

  • James Dennis

    It's worth noting that marketing films is a commercial venture and although arty hand-drawn is lovely to look at, there are a whole host of political and distribution forces at work that will often make it impossible to avoid photoshop-esque images at times.

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