Moustache. Alien. Dirty Balls. A Trailer For Thai SciFi Comedy SOOBKUU

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If what you're looking for is subtlety and nuance in a film than Thai comedy is, in general, not the right place to look. They like their laughs big and broad over there and there are few performers that Thai audiences like better than Mum Jokmok - best known to western audiences as Dirty Balls in Ong Bak.

Are his balls dirty in upcoming science fiction comedy Soobkuu? Well, he gets a nice scrub down from his facially hairy friend at the end of the trailer so if they are at the beginning they certainly aren't at the end but Jokmok is there front and center as one of the leads in the picture. The story itself? It involves bikers with bad moustaches and silly helmets, a UFO, levitation and - of course - someone stealing a Buddha statue. Also, lots and lots of super broad slapstick. Check out the trailer below.
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