Go Ape Over The New Phil Mucci Video For Pig Destroyer's THE DIPLOMAT

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Playing off the look of Mr. Mucci's last video (for stoner gods High On Fire) comes this 2001 / Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes inspired clip for grinders Pig Destroyer. Like the hard stuff or not, this visually arresting clip is an orgasm of color and bad ass content. To quote my good pal Marc Nocerino "Phil Mucci delivers yet again. This psychedelic bloodbath is both beautiful and horrific, while managing to convey an intelligent commentary.
Whether or not you like grindcore, watch this video to see just how GOOD videos can be

You have been warned. Now be enlightened. And if you 'aint at work? PLAY LOUD!

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  • Zeddex

    The zenith of awesome!

  • Phil Mucci

    Thank you Sean! You too Todd! Your unwavering support drives me bananas...

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