Exclusive GAME OF WEREWOLVES Clip: What is Under That Old Blanket?

, Editor-at-Large
Way back in April, our own Ard Vijn heralded the Spanish horror/comedy Game of Werewolves as "A Spanish Shaun of the Dead, only with Werewolves," and now we've got a clip showing off some nice werewolf appendages.  

Back when we posted the review, it was called Lobos De Arga, which translated into Werewolf Party. Then it became Game of Werewolves, and now, for the UK Blu Ray release October 8, it's called Attack of the Werewolves. But enough title confusion! Check out the clip, which teases the horror aspects of the movie. Although it's also a little funny that anyone would think it's a good idea to check underneath such a decrepit looking blanket... Voila! Horror/Comedy. Have a look for yourself below.
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