After its world premier at the Vancouver International Film Festival last week, director Wei Ling Chang's first feature film The Unlikely Girl is set to have a US premier at the Woodstock Film Festival in Woodstock, NY.

Shot entirely on location in France, the film is a tricky, taut and subtly sexy thriller - think (a refreshingly far less clichédWild Things by way of Swimming Pool.

The film stars Hande Kodja and Pierre Boulanger, and marks the feature film debut of Shane Lynch (90210), the daughter of actress Kelly Lynch.

Check out this exclusive clip of The Unlikely Girl. This suspenseful film noir(ish) will be having its final screening at VIFF on October 11, and can be seen at the Woodstock Film Fest on October 12 and 13.

After a racy encounter with a stranger on a train, the beautiful Cécile (Hande Kodja) arrives at a family vacation house in the south of France to unwind.  When she travels into town, she runs into an old childhood crush, Luc (Pierre Boulanger), who can't believe that it's really her after all of these years.  As they begin to rekindle their intense longing for each other, they are surprised by the arrival of an American college exchange student, Jamie (Shane Lynch).

Cecile is initially annoyed by Jamie's intrusion but then in an unlikely turn, they bond as Jamie uncovers a dark truth about Cécile's childhood.  Soon even Cécile encourages Jamie to take Luc for herself.  When Cécile's brother, Matthieu, mysteriously shows up at the house things take another unexpected turn as each has a very different version of their childhood. Someone is lying - Cecile? Matthieu? Luc? Or maybe they all are.
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