Drowning? Shipwrecked? On Fire? Dolph Lundgren To The Rescue In RESCUE 3!

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You say you need your Dolph Lundgren fix a little more often. Do you think you can stave off the cravings until the Fall of 2013? The Swedish-born action film star, has staged a sort of comeback of late and he is riding that wave of popularity to the small screen in a new adventure/drama syndicated television show titled Rescue 3.

The show will center around the Southern California elite multi-agency task force Rescue 3. This agency's members are made up of the best of Los Angeles' Lifeguard, Firefighter and Coast Guard agencies The show will bow in the Fall of 2013. Dolph will play "Captain John Mathews, a reluctant hero and career firefighter and lifeguard who leads a highly specialized unit made up of experts in air, fire and water rescue".

So there you go. If you can control your cravings for some Dolph until the Fall you can overdose on a weekly basis thereafter.
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