We Now Have a FORUM Again, Ho Ho Hooo!

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A few weeks back Twitch closed down its old forum, creating a new one in its place. And here it is: at the top right of the Twitch Facebook page. Just hit the "TTF" button.

Why the move to Facebook? Well, the Twitch website is now more than 8 years old and a lot has changed ever since it started. The rise of social networks has altered the online community landscape in a big way, and one area where we noticed this was in the steady decline of traffic to our forum. Bar a few hardcore followers of the quiz or people looking at each others DVD collection, the forum was basically as dead as the proverbial dodo. Everyone who wanted to share anything with us did so in article comments or through our Twitter account and our Facebook page, not through our forum.

Still, anything on Twitter and Facebook is gone pretty quickly (unless you like hitting the "older, older, older" button ad infinitum). We still wanted to keep a record that was a bit more permanent, but also a bit easier to access and in a place you probably visit already anyway. So here we present our new Facebook forum. Have a look, but more importantly: have a say!
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  • Ben de Klos

    am a bit surprised there's still no review of PASSION on twitch (now it has screened in both Venice and Toronto)

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