Fantastic Fest 2012: Clap Your Hands, Pump Your Fists, Lose A Limb To A New MIAMI CONNECTION Trailer

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As the ne'erdowells of cinematic geekdom descend upon Austin this weekend at the start of Fantastic Fest Drafthouse Films have released a freshly cut trailer for their unearthed martial arts epic Miami Connection.

Drafthouse Films has released a new trailer for MIAMI CONNECTION, which can be viewed below.  Edited by HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN Director Jason Eisner for Drafthouse Films, the trailer for this '80s martial arts gem packs quite a punch. 


MIAMI CONNECTION, directed by 9th degree black belt philosopher/author/inspirational speaker Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, tells the story of fearless synth rock band Dragon Sound as they embark on a roundhouse wreck-wave of crime-crushing justice in the streets of Orlando. 


After vanishing into obscurity 25 years ago, Drafthouse Films is proud to bring MIAMI CONNECTION back to cinemas. The film opens November 2nd in New York and November 9th in Los Angeles.

The film screens this Friday, September 21st at the festival and will have a theatrical release later this Fall. With our intrepid team en route to the festival we will have a review up this weekend and the "band" Dragon Sound will be in the (Draft)house to present the film, including the director/writer/actor Grandmaster Y.K. Kim.

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  • pootietang

    Holy Hell! where have you been all my life?! Best trailer, ever. Makes me want to go out, find myself a ninja, and roundhouse kick him. ...If that was even physically possible for me.

  • Guest

    Holy hell. Where have you been all my life?!

    And by the way, what happened to the normal sign-in? I can't use my MazingerZ screen name anymore...and that makes me sad...

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