London! Get your Philip Ridley Fix with a Double Feature

Philip Ridley is a renaissance man: he is an artist, photographer, novelist, children's author, playwright, and a filmmaker. His work, especially in theatre, has caused some controversy and even at times been banned. He's only made three films in 22 years; his first film, The Reflecting Skin, gave Viggo Mortensen one of his first starring roles; The Passion of Darkly Noon featured Brenden Fraser is his creepiest role; and Heartless made a successful festival tour a couple of years ago. Ridley's work is raw, passionate, strange, and at least one of the films features exploding frogs. The first two films are hard to find, which is why it's great news for Londoners that Savage Cinema is screening them and that Ridley himself will be in attendance for an interview. The first two films are a great pairing, both thematically and visually, and Ridley is an incredibly engaging speaker. The event is being hosted by Savage Cinema and Scala Beyond at Roxy Bar & Cinema, on Tuesday September 18th, 7pm. At £10 for the event, it's quite a bargain to see two classic British cult films and hear their creator speak.
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "The Passion of Darkly Noon featured Brenden Fraser is his creepiest role"
    Yeah....and probably his best role.....this film should be released by Criterion or some similiar label.
    Thanks Mr Rowan-Legg.

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