L'Etrange 2012 Video: Sayona's Live Score to Shazzula Nebula's BLACK MASS RISING

, Editor-at-Large
Attention fans of stoner metal, the occult and Kenneth Anger-style experimental film: L'Etrange Festival has a present for you. This week, Belgian DJ/Filmmaker/Musician Shazzula Nebula (known for her work in White Hills and Aqua Nebula Oscillator) premiered her debut feature, Black Mass Rising.

As the title suggests, the film is a creepy, experimental journey into the occult inspired both by avant garde cinema like Inauguration of the Pleasuredome, and pulpy euro-horror along the lines of Jean Rollin. And, for this special French premiere, Nebula joined forces with Sylvester Anfang II to create a live, feedback-laced ambient score under the alias Sayona.

And now, you too can partake in the psychedelic madness! Camille Gerschel-Hautefeuille has directed and edited a video weaving together the performance and film footage from the festival event, and we've got it ready to watch below. So turn off the lights, turn up your speakers and prepare yourself for Black Mass Rising!
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