Hey NYC! Wanna Win A DREDD 3D Prize Pack?

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When we first got wind of a new film adaptation of the 2000 A.D. comics character Judge Dredd, many of us found ourselves scratching our heads and asking, "why?" After the Sylvester Stallone starring stinker of the 90s, was a good movie based on the ultra-violent and grim comics even possible? Then, when we heard Alex Garland, screenwriter of Sunshine and 28 Days Later was scripting and Pete Travis (Vantage Point) was directing, many of us found ourselves stroking our beards (or proverbial beards) and saying, "interesting..."

With Karl Urban donning the helmet -- and declaring that he would keep it on -- interest and hope in the project amongst comic and action fans alike stayed afloat. When the finished film screened for the first time at this year's San Diego Comic Con, our very own Charles Webb was on the scene to give us the word that this new take on Dredd was " a genuinely visceral (read: ridiculously gory) action movie which happens to balance its grim material with an effective streak of black humor." Fans the world over gave a sigh of relief and the September 21st release date for North America couldn't come fast enough.

Well now, we're just a a little more than a week out from Dredd 3D hitting the multiplexes, and if you're in NYC, have we got a sweet giveaway for you. It's not just two run-of-engagement passes (good for select NYC theaters), but a prize pack stuffed to the hilt with Dredd related goodies. What could be in the pack? That's our secret, so you'll just have to win to find out. To enter send me an email under the subject line "DREDD TIX". In the body of the email tell me of your first experience with the character; it could be reading the comics back in the 80s, seeing the Stallone film on the big screen, heck it could even just be seeing the trailer for the new one. Whatever you do make it your story, make it count. Do this by September 21st 8am EST. Our two winners will be notified via email by the evening of the 21st -- good luck!

Dredd 3D is currently playing in the UK and Ireland, and opens in North America on September 21st, before spreading across most of continental Europe in October. 

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