Gorgeous First Trailer For Lovecraftian Horror CALEUCHE: THE CALL OF THE SEA

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After winning a loyal cult following around the globe on the strength of his festival hits Eternal Blood (Sangre Eterna) and Descendents (Solos), Chile's Jorge Olguin appears poised to break through on another level entirely with upcoming effort Caleuche: The Call Of The Sea. A project which had Guillermo Del Toro attached as a producer at one point - though he dropped out of the project somewhere in the development process - Caleuche gives Olguin resources he has never had at his disposal in the past and it certainly appears as if he has made good.

The story revolves around Isabel (Giselle Itié), a Boston based marine biologist who opts to return to her family home in Chiloé Island following a serious illness. What she discovers is a ghost ship known to the locals as Caleuche. A Lovecraft influence was clear from the stills which Olguin shared with us previously - there's a fishing boat christened the Dagon, among other things - and that element comes through much more strongly in the brand new trailer. Check it below.
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