Fantastic Fest Invites You To Bring Your Dog To The FRANKENWEENIE World Premiere!

, Asian Editor
As everybody who reads this website doubtless already knows, Fantastic Fest kicks off in Austin, Texas on 20 September, and on opening night they will be hosting the World Premiere of Tim Burton's new animated movie, Frankenweenie. The director will be walking the red carpet alongside voice talent from the film including Winona Ryder and Martin Landau, but that just didn't seem exciting enough for those crazy folks at the Alamo Drafthouse. 

In keeping with the film's plot, about a young boy who refuses to let even death come between him and his beloved canine pal, Fantastic Fest is dedicating one of the screens showing the film to guests and their dogs. That's right, Fantastic Fest is inviting attendees to bring along their four-legged friends (with a few caveats regarding size and weight - no St. Bernards allowed, sadly) and to dress yourself and your canine companion in formal attire.

But don't take it from us - Fantastic Fest founder Tim League appeared on KXAN recently to explain all in a live television interview. Together they are running a competition to allow 40 lucky punters the chance to win tickets to the premiere and bring their dogs along for the ride. Over to you, Tim.   
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