Edgertons Unite For Bob Dylan & Violence

, Contributing Writer
Nash Edgerton is the type of awesome director who stays silent for months on end, but then suddenly pops up with a cool new short film, such as Spider or Bear, or a new music video, such as his ones for Brandon Flowers and Bob Dylan. 

Nash also collaborates regularly with his actor brother Joel. They made a modern noir feature, The Square together, and Joel is reportedly writing a second darkly-comic feature for Nash to direct. They've also just completed filming Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty together - both in front of the camera this time. 

Somewhere in between they reunited again to make Nash's new music video for Bob Dylan, for his song Duquesne Whistle - making this the third music video Nash has directed for the iconic singer-songwriter. Check out the video below, which includes a cameo from Joel showing a lovesick fool what's what... with a baseball bat. 
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