COME OUT AND PLAY Director Makinov Delivers A Perplexing Manifesto

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There are many things that Come Out And Play director Makinov doesn't want you to know. Who he is, for one thing. He claims to be Belorussian but given that he never appears without wearing a mask - which he apparently wore throughout production - and that he has taken his name from the bulky jacket he always wears even that is impossible to verify. Because, after all, how would a Belorussian end up directing a remake of Who Can Kill A Child in Mexico?

But now, apparently, there are some things he does want you to know. Among them that he really, really dislikes cell phones. With the premiere of his film at the Toronto International Film Festival just around the corner Makinov has issued a video manifesto to share his particular view of the world with his potential audience. Take a look below.
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