BREAKING: Tony Jaa to Collaborate with Sammo Hung, Wu Jing and Possibly Donnie Yen in SHA PO LANG 2 (SPL2)!

A Hong Kong based project has long been rumored for Thai action star Tony Jaa. Now news has just come from Hong Kong that a sequel to the 2005 hit Sha Po Lang (SPL) is in the works and will see Sammo Hung and Wu Jing from the original movie collaborating with Tony Jaa for the very first time. 

Sha Po Lang was a surprise hit at the Hong Kong box office upon its release in 2005 and quickly gained a cult following in the rest of the world. The movie was also the first in a string of successful collaborations between director Wilson Yip and star Donnie Yen, which included films like Flash Point, Ip Man 1 & 2

Donnie Yen, the leading man in the original film, is reportedly considering taking part in the sequel. 

Sha Po Lang 2 is due to start filming in 2013.


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