She Wrote Joaquin A Letter In This New Clip From THE MASTER

, U.S. Editor
There's no doubt that when Paul Thomas Anderson is preparing the release of a new picture the marketing for said picture is generally far more unique and inciting than most out there. And the latest clip (or rather clip collage; not an outright trailer in the traditional sense) for his post-war subversive power study The Master is darn good proof of that. Used to advertise the 70mm screening that took place last night at Chicago's Music Box theater, the bulk of this footage centers around notions of love, process and pain, with Joaquin Phoenix's wayward military man remembering a girl from his past during a therapy session with Philip Seymour Hoffman's L. Ron Hubbard inspired "Master". Per usual PTA, it's nerve-jangling, introspective but vista-bound stuff, racking up more creepy-crawly emotions in two minutes than most movies do in two hours.

The Master releases limited in the U.S. on September 14th before expanding to additional markets on the 21st. Cities likely to screen the film in its proper 70mm presentation are: New York, LA, San Fransisco, Boston, Washington D.C., and Austin.       
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