First Trailer For Ocelot's KIRIKOU: MEN AND WOMEN!

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
Michel Ocelot's little (literally) African boy is returning to the big screen! The French master animator first rose to international prominence with his feature film Kirikou And The Sorceress, an African folktale about a tiny little boy who must free his village from oppression by a local sorceress. Kirikou proved a huge hit, spawning books and a second film since and now Ocelot is poised to return for a third go-round.

Titled Kirikou: Men And Women this third film returns us to the village where Kirikou again proves himself wiser than his size may indicate.

The first trailer has just arrived and while it appears that Ocelot has updated the visual style slightly from the first offerings the tweaks are minor and it certainly appears to capture all the magic of the original. Take a look below.
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