Family Reunions are Hell in Trailer For TIFF Vangaurd Selection BLONDIE

, Editor-at-Large
The trailer for the TIFF Vanguard Selection Blondie starts out innocently enough with a scene of three beautiful, reunited sisters getting drunk together... then it gets weird. Not in a terribly overt way, but there's something about that uncomfortable laughter, those zombified-Wes Anderson-looking compositions and the ominous music that hints at a much more sinister film than the fairly bland synopsis suggests. I'm getting Dogtooth vibes here, but time will tell.

Three sisters, all adrift and in crisis, reunite at their childhood home as their domineering mother arranges a big birthday. But as the festivities come to an end, repressed conflicts rise to the surface. Old wounds are opened and a new family is born.

The Swedish film is directed by Jasper Ganslandt (The Ape, Falkenberg Farewell).

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