Experience Some TOP GUN Action In The Trailer For Korea's R2B: RETURN TO BASE

R2B: Return to Base (previously known as Soar into the Sun), starring Rain (Ninja Assassin, Speed Racer), Shin Sae-kyung and Yu Jun-sang, opened in Korea earlier this week. The synopsis reminds me a lot of Top Gun, but the trailer looks fantastic and the film should be a lot of fun. 

Official Synopsis: South Korean elite Air Force pilot Tae-hun finds himself kicked out of his top notch team and demoted into a combat unit after a cocky and dangerous air show demonstration. On the first day of his transfer to F15K, he meets Cheol-hui, the unit's own top gun. Tae-hun's free-spiritedness and Cheol-hui's rule abiding ways come into conflict almost immediately. Meanwhile, Tae-hun befriends the rest of the members on his new squad, including Se-yeong, whom he falls in love with. Tae-hun continues with his antics until one day, a reconnaissance mission for the squad turns into an unexpected incident, ending in an untimely death and disappearance of a fellow teammate.The unit receives an emergency announcement that an unidentified combat plane has entered into their territory, and Tae-hun and Cheol-hui are forced to set aside their disagreements and lead their members to stop a war and rescue their missing comrade.

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    Haha. Totes ridic.

  • Sjekster

    Lee Ha Na! I love her!

    Looks kinda fun. Returnu to Besu!

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