BONDI HIPSTERS Declare War On London Hipster Fashion

, Contributing Writer
This week has given me two gifts that were very awesome, but were so excruciating to watch I actually had to stop and do something else for five minutes. One of these was, of course, Breaking Bad and that pool scene. The other was the final two minutes of the newest episode of Bondi Hipsters. Seriously awesome, but seriously fucked up. 

In this episode, the hipsters (who seem to have shrugged off any pretensions about covering the Olympics) have honed in on the London hipster fashion trend which seems to recall and reference the "1920s World War emo look". 

In typical Dom and Adrian style they take this idea as far as possible, destroying any street cred it might have had in the process. I really hope that real-life oblivious hipsters are watching this show. Check out the clipsie belowsie. 
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