A Trailer For Monster Pictures UK DVD Compilation ULTIMATE ZOMBIE FEAST

Those of you who like the walking dead (in general, not just the comic) and simply cannot have too much of a good thing might want to check out Ultimate Zombie Feast, a forthcoming compilation from the good people at Monster Pictures, out in the UK on October 8th. A whopping six features - Dead Hungry, Arise, Paris by Night of the Living Dead, the Mormon zombie flick The Book of Zombie, animation It Came From the West, Indian zombie movie Savages (does that make every corner of the globe yet?) - and ten shorts thrown in as well. It's like a giant lucky dip! If lucky dips were full of nothing but severed limbs, rotting corpses and braaaaains. Awesome.

Twitch has an exclusive first look at the trailer, which should be all you need to tell you if this 2-disc DVD set is reason enough to get the beers in and book a very long weekend.

(Those who react to the merest mention of zombies with a dismissive "What, more of them?" had best keep well away. No! Don't watch it! Nooo! Ewww, I'm not cleaning that up)
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