Witness The Twin Horrors Of DEAD SUSHI's Villainous Tuna Man And Asami's Robot Dance!

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
With the world premiere of Noboru Iguchi's Dead Sushi just around the corner at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal, Twitch has a pair of tasty new morsels for your consumption. First, we've added a quartet of stills to the gallery below, one of which is the first look at the film's villainous Tuna Man. And if an axe wielding man with a fish head isn't enough for you, we've got an exclusive clip from the film as well, one which includes a pair of fetching young women dancing about in their underwear before being draped with raw fish while Iguschi regular Asami keeps her clothes on and does a robot dance. Yes, it's that sort of movie.

Check it all below.
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  • MarsHottentot

    Maybe it's the art-house snob in me talking - but this looks awesome.

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