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We have a new trailer for the animated flick Strange Frame: Love and Sax ahead of screenings coming up at DragonCon in Atlanta on August 31st and Stan Lee's Comikaze in L.A. on September 15th.

In the distant future, humanity have abandoned the polluted Earth and colonized the moons of Jupiter. This has created an underclass of indentured slaves, as well as genetic mutations both for business and pleasure. In a street riot, middle-class-girl and sax-player Parker meets Naia, escaped slave and musician. The two quickly fall in love and form a band. Naia is spotted by a typically yet deliciously evil music producer, who spirits her away from Parker. Parker, in desperation of love, hooks up with space pirates Philo and Reesa to win back her lady.

Our own Shelagh got to see Strange Frame at Sci Fi London in early May and had this to say, "Billed as a animated sci-fi lesbian rock musical, it covers all these modes and blends them into a gorgeous and engrossing tale of the power of love and music. Something so dense in form and content should be overwhelming, but director and co-writer G.B. Hajim and co-writer Shelley Doty keep it pumping along at a smooth pace, making it an embarrassment of riches."
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  • kevo42

    I don't doubt that it could be interesting, but it is also really really ugly. I'm not really sure about this one.

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