THE LEGO WIRE: Omar's Having a Block Party in Bricktamore

, Featured Critic
I admit that I'm a sucker for all things Lego and David Simon, so forgive me for my compulsion to post this little diversion from the usual comings and goings here as Casa del Twitch.

While this might not be the most hilarious take on the majesty that is five seasons of The Wire, let alone the Musical version with the real cast members, this little trifle does (magnificently) include Ziggy's duck on a leash, so that's got to count something. Plus, everyone knows if the Bunk picked up the trumpet when he migrated to NOLA, then Antoine would be getting alllll the ladies.

Next up, I hope, is an Archer style flash animated half hour show featuring the various sexual exploits of McNutty, narrated by Bubbles.


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