SDCC 2012: Trailer Debut for BAD KIDS GO TO HELL

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You've seen this setup before: a diverse group of high school students end up in detention with a hard ass head master watching over them. But this is where Matthew Spradlin's debut feature BAD KIDS GO TO HELL takes a wild departure from its spiritual ancestor The Breakfast Club.

Starring Cameron Deane Stewart, Augie Duke, Amanda Alch, Ali Faulkner, Marc Donato, Roger Edwards, Ben Browder, and of course, Judd Nelson, Spradlin's film ventures into horror-comedy territory when the students fall victim to horrible accident after horrible accident until only one remains.

Check out the trailer for the film based on the indie comic book series/graphic novel of the same name below.

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  • Greg Rivera

    Sidenote: a female high school student performing a striptease on a desk = Not Safe For Work. Had to switch it off quickly, will watch the rest of it at home. A little warning please?

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