Bondi Hipsters To Broadcast From The London Olympsies!

, Contributing Writer
While they are strange, contradictory creatures, hipsters really have found the perfect balance between healthy eating/exercise, and hardcore partying. So who better to cover the 2012 London Olympics (surely the year's best combination of sport and parties) than Bondi hipster duo Dom Nader and Adrian Archer. 

Clearly Google thought the same thing, and so have cashed-up Dom and Adrian and a small film crew, and flown them from their Sydney haven of Bondi Beach right into the heart of London to bring their unique (and totes underground) observations about all things "Olympsies". 

For those unfamiliar with the guys, the Bondi hipsters have been producing weekly web videos for the past few months, espousing their views on everything from fashion, evolution, music, communication, globesy warming and politics. They've also let cameras into their clothes store and tracked the evolution of their fashion label, which we'll hopefully see more of in London as they've designed an exclusive new range of sportswear to coincide. 

They've already made six Olympic-themed videos in the lead up to their trip, two of which you can watch below. Never has the name Wesley Snipes been better used as a song lyric. Check out their channel for more. 
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